Zandu Ayurvedic Hand Sanitizer With Neem, Tulsi & Aloe Vera 100 ml


100 ml



Pack Of:- 1

Quantity:- 100 ml

Container Type:- Bottle

Product Type:- Hand Sanitizer

Fragrance / Flavour:- Neem, Tulsi & Aloe Vera

Used For :- Cleansing/Disinfecting Hands.

Alcohol Content - 

75% Ethyl alcohol

Product Information:-

In order to keep harmful disease causing germs at bay you have to maintain a good hygiene. Thus disinfecting your hands at regular intervals becomes mandatory as you tend to touch your eyes, mouth and ears frequently in a day. Zandu Hand Sanitizer kills 99.9% germs and keeps your hand clean on the go.

  • ¬† Prevents infection, and ensures total hand hygiene
  • ¬† Safe for hands and prevents viruses and diseases
  • ¬† Fast Action, Broad Spectrum and Persistent Germicidal

How to Use

  • ¬† Take a coin sized drop on your palm
  • ¬† Rub your hands briskly until dry
  • ¬† Do not rinse with water after application

Ideal For – Men & Women.


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