Immune CZ Chewable Tablet (15 Tab) – Uses, Dosage, Price and Precautions


Manufactured By: Alteus Biogenics Pvt. Ltd.


Seller: Janta Pharmacy

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Immune CZ Chewable Tablet (15 Tab)

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Manufactured By: ( Immune CZ ) Alteus Biogenics Pvt. Ltd.


About Immune CZ Chewable Tablet :

Each uncoated chewable Immune CZ tablet contains Vitamin C 500 mg, Zinc Acetate 50 mg, Vitamin D3 1000 I.U. Curcumin 10 mg.

Use of Immune CZ Chewable Tablet :

Immune CZ tablet is used to treat:

  • Increase immunity
  • Reduce skin, gum, bone problems

Usage direction of Immune CZ Chewable Tablet :

  • Immune CZ tablet should be taken orally.
  • Chew the tablet before swallow.
  • Do not stop or skip the medicine without physician’s advice.
  • Do not consume more than the prescribed quantity.

Precaution & Related information of Immune CZ Chewable Tablet :

  • If allergic to this medicine, inform the physician immediately.
  • If find any complication, inform the physician immediately.
  • Consult with the physician during pregnancy & lactation.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Store in a cool, dry and dark place. Protect from light and moisture.

Detailed Information ( Blog )  Part 1

This health supplement is a good source of zinc and vitamin c and is suitable for most people. The manufacturer states that Immune CZ Chewable Tablet. It has not been tested for its ability to affect the ability of a driver. However, grape fruit juice is said to reduce the bioavailability of this medicine.

It is important that you tell your health care professional about any other medications that you are taking. You should also mention if you are taking herbal tonics, supplements, or medicines that are bought without a prescription. Although there is a low risk of side effects when taken as recommended by your doctor. There is no evidence to suggest that the product can cause serious harm to a growing fetus.

Detailed Information ( Blog )  Part 2

Another health supplement that can help protect your body is Immune CZ. This multivitamin contains Vitamin C, vitamin D3, Zinc, and ascorbic acid. These ingredients are essential for your body and support a strong immune response.

You don’t have to worry about consuming an overdose of these nutrients. Because Immune CZ Chewable Tablet is available in orange-flavored effervescent tablets.

Detailed Information ( Blog )  Part 3

The Immune CZ Chewable Tablet is a powerful natural vitamin C supplement. The tablet contains zinc, ascorbic acid, and vitamin D3. The combination of these three vitamins and minerals strengthens your immune system and promotes the formation of collagen. A key ingredient in healthy skin, hair, and nails. It is also a great way to prevent frequent colds and flu and treat many illnesses, including a weakened immune system and digestive problems.

This Chewable Tablet is an effective multivitamin that contains ascorbic acid, Vitamin D3, Zinc, and Vitamin C. It treats vitamin or mineral deficiencies caused by illness, pregnancy, improper nutrition, or certain medications. It is recommended for all types of people suffering from the common cold or other illness. This product is an excellent option for those who have a weak immune system and are worried about the possibility of an infection.

Detailed Information ( Blog )  Part 4

The  tablet contains ascorbic acid, zinc, and vitamin D3. It is also a good option for people with chronic infections. It is useful in treating a variety of bacterial and parasitic diseases. The ingredients in this drug are natural and will not cause any adverse side effects, even in moderate cases. It is safe to use if you have a history of allergic reactions to other drugs.

Detailed Information ( Blog )  Part 5

This Medicine  is a multivitamin tablet that is also a good source of zinc and vitamin C. It is a great option for people with infections of the urinary tract, teeth, and urine. Unlike other antibacterial medicines, it works to kill infection-causing microorganisms. The Antibiotic is recommended for people with weakened immunity, as it is a natural multivitamin.

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