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MONTEK LC Tablet 10’s


Manufacturer :  ( Montek LC tablet ) SUN PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRIES LTD


Pack Of : 10 TABLETS

Consume Type : ORAL

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Product Details 

A Montek LC tablet is usually prescribed for allergic conditions like hay fever, idiopathic urticaria, chronic bronchitis, and asthma. It is used as a maintenance medication. Levocetirizine 5mg and Montelukast 10mg are the active ingredients. The combination of these two active ingredients is known to reduce the symptoms of allergies and asthma. In addition, the medication can cause stomach upset and other problems for some patients.
The medication Montek LC is available in a tablet and syrup. For adults, it is typically taken with a glass of water. To children, it is usually taken with or without food. For patients with gastric disorders, the medicine should be consumed after meals. It is best to take the tablets before bedtime. The drug may cause drowsiness or agitation, so it is important to consult with a doctor before taking this medication.
Before using Montek LC tablet, it is important to shake the bottle well and follow the instructions carefully. Use a measuring cup to determine the correct dosage. It should be taken by mouth with a full glass of water, preferably before meals. Taking a single tablet is enough for adults; children should take half the dose. The medicine should not be stored in the refrigerator. If the bottle has broken, the pills should be thrown out or thrown away immediately.

Directions for Use

It is important to follow a doctor’s instructions when taking Montek LC Tablet 10’s. You should take these tablets exactly as prescribed. Your doctor will decide what dosage is appropriate for your condition. If you are on a medication regimen, you should talk to your health care provider before starting a new one. You can also split a full tablet in half if you prefer to take smaller doses.


Store in a cool and dry place away from sunlight

Side Effects of Montek LC Tablet 10’s

You may experience 
  • Nausea
  • Skin rash
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Dry mouth
  • Headache
  • Skin rash
  • Fatigue 
 Most of these side effects of Montek LC Tablet 10’s are temporary, do not require medical attention, and gradually resolve over time.
Precautions and Warnings of Montek Lc Strip Of 10 Tablets
  • Pregnancy : Do not take this medicine unless prescribed by your doctor.
  • Breast Feeding : Do not take this medicine unless prescribed by your doctor.
  • Driving : Montek LC tablet may cause dizziness or drowsiness and affect mental alertness. If you experience any of the symptoms, do not drive or operate machines.
  • Alcohol : It is advisable to avoid alcohol consumption while taking Montek LC tablet as it might alter your alertness and may also worsen the side effects.

Detailed Information

Montek LC Tablet is a prescription medicine used to treat allergic and respiratory problems. It helps reduce inflammation in the airways and eases breathing. This medication is available as a tablet and should be taken as prescribed by a doctor. The dosage of Montek LC Tablet varies from patient to patient depending on their condition and response to the medication. The recommended dose is one tablet per day, which can be divided into two smaller doses if necessary.

The Montek LC Tablet is a combination medicine.

It works by blocking the production of leukotriene and histamine, which are released during allergic reactions. The medicine helps the sufferer breathe easier, which is an important feature in reducing the severity of symptoms. This medicine is also effective for treating asthma. It is available as a combination therapy. For a full list of benefits, see a doctor for a diagnosis.

The medicine can be taken with or without food.

The dosage for each person will depend on their specific condition and response. Some side effects of Montek LC are nausea, skin rash, headache, and fatigue. People with heart problems should take the medication at least one hour before bedtime. The drug is safe to take for many weeks, but it is still best to discuss the risks and benefits with a healthcare provider before beginning any treatment.

If you suffer from any of these medical conditions,

you should consult with your physician before taking Montek LC Tablet. The dosage for people with severe kidney disease should be adjusted accordingly. A doctor should also consult you if you are pregnant or lactating. Amounts of this medicine are high and should not be used if a pregnant woman or lactating mother has liver disease. If you have any of these conditions, you should not take this medication.

There are several side effects associated with this medicine.

You should consult with a doctor to find out if you have allergies. Your doctor can prescribe a specific dosage for you based on your medical history. If you are pregnant, you should not use Montek LC tablets if you are nursing. This medication should be kept out of reach of children and should be stored in a dry, dark, and temperature-controlled location. It is important to follow the directions and avoid any complications.

The Montek LC Tablet is a combination of two types of medicine.

It is used to treat allergic and inflammatory conditions and to reduce inflammation in the airways. By reducing inflammation, it will improve breathing. Montek LC Tablet is generally prescribed for a single use. In some cases, it may be split in two for the treatment of a number of conditions. This is not a substitute for a doctor’s advice.

Montek LC Tablet is a combination medicine that is commonly prescribed for seasonal allergies and idiopathic urticaria. It relieves the symptoms of allergy by decreasing the inflammation in the airways. In addition, it can help patients with asthma. It also helps treat some chronic allergies, like hives. This drug is used to treat the symptoms of a variety of allergic diseases. However, it should be taken under the doctor’s supervision.

Combination Medicine That Is Used To Treat Allergies.

It works by blocking histamine and leukotriene, which are produced during allergic reactions. This medicine can relieve itching caused by hives and rhinitis. It is also an effective antihistamine for several different types of allergies, including those that affect the airways. If you are pregnant or lactating, your doctor may prescribe Montek LC Tablet.

This medicine is used to treat allergic reactions caused by histamine.

This can reduces the inflammation in the airways, allowing people to breathe easier. It is best to consult a doctor if you are unsure about whether you need to take Montek LC Tablet. If you have a severe allergic reaction, the medication may not be appropriate for you.

Montek LC Tablet contains two ingredients that have antihistamine properties.

This medicine has an added ingredient that blocks the enzymes that cause inflammation in the airways. This medicine can be taken with or without food and is safe to use for several types of allergic conditions. But be careful with the dosage as it can be dangerous to your health Consequently you should always check with your doctor to ensure that your medicine is right for your needs.

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